Cathy and Liam had originally planned a wedding in Bali, where they could bring together family and friends from both Ireland and Australia for a great party to celebrate their love. Unfortunately, like so many others, their plans fell victim to COVID 19 and their wedding was put on hold. After holding off on further plans in the hopes that things would settle down and their families would be allowed to leave Ireland to celebrate with them, it soon became apparent that they would be waiting for some time.

On a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, Cathy and Liam decided to bite the bullet and re-book a wedding date, ambitiously just five short weeks away. Cathy dusted off the beautiful Made with Love gown that had been waiting in her cupboard for months, and they quickly set about putting their newly envisioned day together.

Both incredibly relaxed individuals, neither Cathy or Liam were flustered by the rain on the morning of their wedding day. Not even the florist saying that she wouldn't be able to put the arrangements on the arbour up if the rain didn't cease was enough to ruffle Cathy's feathers. She got ready in her home with just her best friend and three year old daughter. Her family in Ireland up at 2am looking on via a FaceTime call. When her mum saw the rain bucketing down out the window she rushed to put the Child of Prague outside to ward off the weather; a small thing she could do from thousands of miles away.

It worked its wonders, and the rain ceased. Liam waited patiently in front of thirty of their closest friends under the enormous fig tree on the Harbour View Lawn in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Their daughter Celine-Mai walked her mother down the aisle. As soon as she saw her dad waiting at the alter she shouted "Liam!" at the top of her lungs and ran towards him in her tiny white tutu. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. The Sydney Celebrant, Jayne, officiated an intimate and personal ceremony that perfectly suited Cathy and Liam, and the whole thing was live streamed back home to Ireland by Cameron D'Antone.

Whilst their families weren't there in person to celebrate the day with Cathy and Liam, it was incredibly special that they were still able to share in the day. Technology is a pretty amazing thing.