Despite persistently heavy showers being a rude and uninvited gatecrasher on Bree and Ryley's day, they were determined to forge ahead with their original plans. Bree was stoic in her decision to stick with her vision for outdoor ceremony, and was not going to let a little rain or mud get in the way of that. And I don't blame her. The setting at Merribee House and gardens in Numbaa, near Nowra was far too enchanting not to be properly enjoyed. And of course, five minutes before the ceremony was due to start the rain ceased and the clouds parted.

As a hairdresser, Bree said she would have felt strange having someone else in to do their hair, so she spent the morning not only doing the hair of her four bridesmaids, but doing her own hair and makeup as well. She said it helped her to stay relaxed during the morning. But to be honest, I can't imagine her being anything less than relaxed. Which is lucky, as the weather wasn't the only thing she had to be worried about. Her made to order dress And that's not where the local talent ended. One of her beautiful bridesmaids just happens to be a florist and was responsible for their elegant bouquets and the most incredible arbour I have ever had the honour of photographing.